Outdoor Kitchen Design

Outdoor Kitchen Design in oxfordshire garden

An Outdoor Kitchen – Case Study Outdoor kitchen design is a growing areas, despite our unpredictable weather in the UK, we’ve noticed a trend towards embracing a more Mediterranean style of living, with the use of the garden as an outdoor room, in particular an extension of the kitchen. But gone are the days when you would dig out your … Read More

How to design my own garden

FAQ How to Design my own Garden? Designing your own garden can be a fun and rewarding experience.  If you’ve ever asked yourself  “how to design my own garden?” this article may help!   Whether you have a large or small outdoor space, there are a few key steps you can follow to create a beautiful and functional garden that you … Read More

Wildlife Garden Design Ideas

Wildlife Garden Design Ideas for the UK It’s easy to forget how important our gardens are to the country’s overall green space. In fact, private gardens cover more ground than all of Britain’s nature reserves combined! That means they play a vital role in supporting biodiversity – and we can all do our bit to help. Here are some ideas … Read More

Garden Design Ideas – Inside Out.

How to design a garden with good views When looking for inspiration and gathering garden design ideas, consider the view from the window. It may sound obvious but a garden is there to be enjoyed all year round and we mostly look out at the garden from the house. Even dishwashing can be appealing while watching the changing seasons through … Read More

Alternatives to a box hedge


 Ideas for Alternatives to a Box hedge in the Garden In recent years it has become more common for people to ask for alternatives to a box hedge in their garden. Box (buxus) it is native to southern areas of the uk, thriving on hillsides, in woodland or scrub. The best known wild populations of box are found on Box … Read More

Garden Pond Ideas

water feature garden

Some Garden Pond Ideas and Water Features The colour, scent and visual pleasure of a garden can all be enhanced by the sensual nature of water. If properly used, water in a garden gives light, life and will always be eye catching. No matter what the space, water can be incorporated into some sort of garden design. Here are some … Read More

Garden Seating Area Ideas

Bench by wall

 Make the most of your outdoor room with these garden seating area ideas! Of all the pleasures that a garden offers perhaps the simplest and greatest is just to sit  outside and relax for a while on a summer evening. Here are some garden seating area ideas to help give you inspiration for your outdoor space. Whatever the size of … Read More

Container Planting Ideas

container planting

Container Planting Ideas for your Garden The one activity most gardeners share, whether they own a several acre estate or just a mere window sill, is growing plants in containers. Almost all gardeners do it and have lots of inspired container planting ideas  – with good reason. Growing plants in hanging baskets, window boxes, troughs, pots, tubs, even old wheelbarrows … Read More

Trees for Spring Blossom

Bee on hawthorn tree

Tree for spring blossom to help our bees in the garden 🌸🐝 If you want to help the plight of bees probably the best thing you can do is to plant trees for spring blossom, even one can make a big difference! My top ten trees for spring blossom for southern areas of the UK (US Zone 9) 🌸Cherry trees, … Read More

Alternative Lawn Ideas

Alternative lawn ideas

Plants as Alternative Lawn Ideas Many people love a stripy green lawn but it can be hard work to keep it looking good. Sometimes there are areas in a garden where you might want a patch of green without all the hassle of maintenance, where mowing grass is not a viable option. In these situations there are plants that could … Read More