Cottage Garden Design Ideas

cottage garden design

Cottage Garden Design Ideas for your Garden This charming typically English country cottage could almost be on the cover of a chocolate box! Based on our experience of designing and landscaping this garden we’ve put together some cottage garden design ideas to help you re-create this attractive style. Visit our inspiration page for more cottage garden design ideas.  Making a … Read More

Summer Hedge Pruning Advice

a womain trimming a box hedge with shears

Complete summer pruning of wisteria this month. Prune all the long new whippy growth back to five or six buds from the main stem. This encourages the plant to produce flower buds. If you have a young plant and want to extend the framework, leave the side shoots on but tie them in to where you want the growth to … Read More

July Garden Maintenance Jobs

This is a good month to trim conifer hedges to keep them under control, being careful not to disturb nesting birds. Conifer hedges have received a bad press recently, mainly because of the notorious Leyland cypress. It can grow very tall very quickly and is too vigorous for a small garden; if neglected, it can quickly become a nuisance. As … Read More

Tips for Watering Your July Garden

Midsummer, and the garden is awash with colour. There is always plenty of work to be done, but make the most of the long summer evenings, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labours earlier in the year. At this time of year gardens are not only full of colour, but the scent of flowers such as roses and sweet … Read More

Alternatives to a box hedge

 Ideas for Alternatives to a Box hedge in the Garden In recent years it has become more common for people to ask for alternatives to a box hedge in their garden. Box (buxus) it is native to southern areas of the uk, thriving on hillsides, in woodland or scrub. The best known wild populations of box are found on Box … Read More

Tips for Creating a Wildflower Meadow

poppies and wild flowers

Mow grass regularly during this month to encourage good growth. Mowing is the best way to ensure you have a good lawn. Once a week is fine but for a really good lawn, twice a week. The reason for this is that the less grass that is taken off at each cut, the healthier it will remain. It is also … Read More

Jobs to Do in Your Garden in June

Summer is really here! Ornamental borders will soon be at their best when towards the end of the month scented roses begin to flower in earnest. There is plenty to do in the garden to keep you occupied, such as cutting back and mowing, but it’s a time of year to really sit back and enjoy the fruits of your … Read More

Chelsea flower show small garden ideas

Small garden ideas – inspiration from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.   If you’re looking for small garden ideas, garden shows can be an excellent source of inspiration. To glean the latest ideas for your garden the best of the best in the world has got to be the Chelsea Flower show, held in the grounds of the Royal Hospital … Read More

Container Planting Ideas

container planting

Container Planting Ideas for your Garden The one activity most gardeners share, whether they own a several acre estate or just a mere window sill, is growing plants in containers. Almost all gardeners do it and have lots of inspired container planting ideas  – with good reason. Growing plants in hanging baskets, window boxes, troughs, pots, tubs, even old wheelbarrows … Read More

New Build Garden

New build garden design

Planning a New Build Garden Design A new build garden presents a challenge to even the keenest of gardeners. You may find the garden is a big square of mud, or you may have been left with a lawn, but nothing else. For some people the idea of planning a new build garden is exciting. All that space to do … Read More