Garden Design & Landscaping


Bringing our passion for great design

Having your garden designed is a big investment, both financially and in time. We work with you to make sure we realise your dreams whilst ensuring the project runs smoothly from the start of the design process to the finished garden.

Our garden design process

Great garden design comes from having a vision of what the end result looks like and how that fits with your needs. Our award-winning garden designers bring years of experience, plenty of inspiration and a great desire to help you achieve the outcome that makes you smile every time you go into your garden.

1. Ideas Session

One of our award-winning garden designers will come and meet you in your garden and spend an hour brainstorming and giving some ideas and possible solutions to any problems. After the visit, we will provide a quotation for the cost of design work.  There’s no obligation for you to have your garden fully designed or landscaped after this visit and there is no charge at this stage.

2. Design Consultation

This is the perfect package if you simply want to make a few changes (for example to planting) without having a complete new garden. It includes help and best support in making all the key decisions without having a full formal plan drawn up.

The cost for a garden design consultation is between £500-£1,000 +VAT.

Illustration: garden design consultation

New build garden ideas

3. Full Garden Design

If you’re ready to take your dream garden to the next step, we’ll measure up, gather more details about how you use your garden, what plants and colours you like and build a full picture of you, your existing or new home garden and your dream garden. Only then will your designer create a plan for your new garden, in beautifully-rendered, detailed drawings, layouts and planting plans.

To design a small garden costs between £1,000-£1,300 + VAT, a medium garden between £1,300 and £2,000 and a large garden between £2,000 and £10,000.

4. Garden Landscaping

This is where your dream garden becomes a reality with Oxford Garden Design. When you’re 100% in love with the design, we’ll be able to give you an estimate of how much the garden build will cost to create, including landscaping, building of patios, walls, fencing, pergolas and flower beds, laying lawns, and planting trees, shrubs and plants.

Landscaping service costs vary according to the design, the size of your garden, the quantity and size of plants, site access and the quality of materials used. Small landscaping projects begin at about £5,000. Our design and build projects range considerably from £10,000 – £100,000+. To give an idea of landscaping costs with before and after pictures, check our Garden Budgets page.

5. Professional Aftercare

When you’ve invested time and money to create your dream garden, you’ll need to keep it maintained in order for it to flourish. You might choose to do that yourself, but if not, we offer a regular maintenance service for gardens we have designed and built. We also look after a number of larger estates and second homes in the Cotswolds to keep the gardens in top shape. Visit our Garden Maintenance page for more details.

Book a visit

This is a perfect time to plan how to enhance and get maximum pleasure from your garden. We can come and advise you what to do.

How you want your garden to look

How would your life change if your garden looked the way you wish it did?

Whether you want to come home and relax in your own personal haven; entertain friends long into the evening; let the kids run around in safety; or access areas that you can’t manage now, we focus on your needs and make it happen.