Lawn and Hedge Care

Continue to mow grass regularly during this month to encourage good growth. Mowing is the best way to ensure you have a good lawn. Once a week is fine but for a really good lawn, mow it twice a week. During dry weather raise the blades of the mower and mow less often. The grass is best left a little … Read More

Giving a Brand New Look To An Old Patio

Time to get out and about in the garden Around 40% of people in the UK spend only 15 minutes outdoors each day, putting their physical and mental health at risk. The situation is as dire for children as for adults, with one 2016 finding that 75% of British children spend less time outside than confined adults. If you are lucky enough … Read More

Sheena’s plant of the month – Campanula lactiflora

The name Campanula comes from the Latin word meaning ‘bell’ owing to the bell-shaped flowers of the species. My favourites are the lactifloras for their tubular, star-shaped, upward-facing flowers.  Although Lactiflora means ‘milky flower’, most of them are actually lavender in colour. In my opinion, ‘Pritchard’s Variety’ is the best for its long bloom time, stately presence and deep blue colour. The Royal Horticultural … Read More

Making Wildlife Welcome in the Garden

Making your Garden Attractive to Wildlife Last week I learnt a particularly painful lesson. I broke my finger in a futile bid to chase away one of the numerous visiting rabbits in my garden. The war to protect my precious flowers has been lost. Peace has been officially declared. This experience has left me in a reflective mood. Wildlife in … Read More