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Giving a Brand New Look To An Old Patio

Time to get out and about in the garden

Around 40% of people in the UK spend only 15 minutes outdoors each day, putting their physical and mental health at risk. The situation is as dire for children as for adults, with one 2016 finding that 75% of British children spend less time outside than confined adults. If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful patio and garden to call your own, then its design and comfort are key if you and your kids are to be inspired to spend a little more time outdoors. Aspects such as flooring, décor, and layout can make a big difference in terms of comfort and appeal. Follow these tips to give your patio the makeover it needs to lure your whole family out for a few hours every day.

Flooring is Key

If the flooring of your patio is cracked, moss-ridden or dirty, renovation work may be required. Start off by giving the area a steam clean, using high power jets to remove every single mold spore, grease, soil and tiny weeds from between your tiling or wooden flooring. When your flooring is completely clean, you will be able to spot issues such as cracks, level changes, etc. If the cracks and damage are prevalent enough to be unsightly, renovating the flooring will be required. If, on the other hand, you only have a small crack here and there, you can either fill the cracks with epoxy or a similar material, or replace the tile or wooden groove board that is damaged. Because outdoor wooden groove boards are relatively inexpensive, if your patio wood is rotten or very damaged, simply starting from scratch is the ideal approach. Consider sturdier material such as concrete, brick, or flagstone.

Ensuring Your Family is Safe from the Sun

On sunny days, being outside can still  be very pleasant, especially when there is a cool breeze. However, UV rays can be devastating – not only in terms of discomfort, but also because they pose a skin cancer risk. Create a safe covering by installing a retractable pergola or electronic roof system with individual beams that turn 360 degrees to let in as much or as little sun as you wish. Remote control shade sails can also be placed in strategic parts of your patio; these look ultra modern and come in gorgeous shades like white and light grey.

The Relaxing Power of Green

Your patio needs to be surrounded by carefully manicured gardens to make this outdoor spot truly feel like paradise. From creating complex landscaped constructions to creating features like stone steps that lead from one side of the garden to another, there are many ways you can take advantage of the stress-busting effects of plants and natural features such as stone. If you have a large garden, then large trees that provide you and your pets with welcome shade certainly improve your patio’s curb appeal. Bring a few plants onto the patio itself; the lusher the better. Study after study has shown that simply working in the presence of plants can improve your performance so if you work from home occasionally or permanently, a plant-filled patio is certainly the ideal spot to work from.

Designing a beautiful patio is key if you wish to inspire your family to spend more time outside. Start with basics like the flooring and furniture. Flooring may be a bigger and more expensive project, but investing in quality tiling or paving can save you money in the long run. Gorgeous teak furniture, lively plants, and even small touches like fairy lights and candles can help make your patio the family’s favourite spot both at day and nighttime. Remember to include shade solutions in your new patio plan; the sun can be a big deterrent for comfort loving family members in the summer.

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