Bluebell Walks in the Local Area

Since bluebells are my absolute favourite, I thought I’d highlight some of the bluebell walks in the local area and share some of the breath taking blue carpets. You might have noticed that bluebells are starting to emerge, they will fully bloom towards the end of April leading into the start of May. When you are strolling around admiring the … Read More

Gardening by the Moon

Gardening by the Moon In the age-old practice of gardening, there’s a mystical and fascinating method of gardening by the moon. This ancient method, deeply rooted in folklore and agricultural traditions, suggests that the phases of the moon can significantly influence plant growth. The moon affects the tides so some gardeners believe that it can also affect the water on … Read More

What to Plant in your Garden in May

pink flowers

Now is the time to ‘change your bedding’! Spring bedding plants will soon be over whilst others are just gearing up for their summer display now. A wide variety of summer bedding plants are on show at nurseries and garden centres. If late frosts are forecast, those tempting tender geraniums and other non-hardy annuals are best left in the garden … Read More

Pruning Jobs for the May Garden

orange and purple crocuses

With all the freshness of spring and the promise of summer to come, many gardeners regard May as one of the best months in the garden. Make the most of the warmer weather to start getting ready for the summer months. Just taking a leisurely stroll through a garden can lift the spirits. It’s a great time of year to … Read More

RHS Malvern Spring Festival

RHS Malvern Spring Festival

Our RHS Malvern Spring Festival Show Garden Nature’s recovery is at the heart of the Wilder Spaces Show Garden at the RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2023. ‘Wilder Spaces’ is sponsored by The Wildlife Trusts, led by Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) and its ecological consultancy Future Nature WTC. After our success at the RHS Malvern Spring Festival in … Read More

Bee Friendly Garden Design

Bee friendly garden design ideas

A Natural Bee Friendly Garden Design A bee friendly garden design is not hard to create. According to the national wildlife trust, nature is in crisis. However, if you have a garden, there is much you can do to help the plight of bees. Private gardens cover an area bigger than all of Britain’s nature reserves combined, so they are … Read More

Wildlife Garden Design Ideas

Wildlife Garden Design Ideas for the UK It’s easy to forget how important our gardens are to the country’s overall green space. In fact, private gardens cover more ground than all of Britain’s nature reserves combined! That means they play a vital role in supporting biodiversity – and we can all do our bit to help. Here are some ideas … Read More

How to Attract Bumblebees in the Garden

a pink flower with a bee on it and some yellow flowers

How to Attract (And Keep) Bumblebees in the Garden Spring is a great time to begin to learn how to attract bumblebees in the garden. Bumblebees are incredible pollinators and can help your plants grow healthy and vibrant flowers. Attracting and keeping bumblebee populations in your garden requires some effort on your part, but it’s well worth the work for … Read More

Garden Design Ideas – Inside Out.

How to design a garden with good views When looking for inspiration and gathering garden design ideas, consider the view from the window. It may sound obvious but a garden is there to be enjoyed all year round and we mostly look out at the garden from the house. Even dishwashing can be appealing while watching the changing seasons through … Read More

How to Save Money on Gardening

Ten Tips to Save Money on Gardening It is possible to save money on Gardening and create a gorgeous garden. Traditional gardeners are a thrifty bunch and have an arsenal of practical ways you can use to save money on gardening. 1. My number one tip for saving money in a garden is to make your own compost. Adding compost … Read More