Bluebell Walks in the Local Area

Since bluebells are my absolute favourite, I thought I’d highlight some of the bluebell walks in the local area and share some of the breath taking blue carpets. You might have noticed that bluebells are starting to emerge, they will fully bloom towards the end of April leading into the start of May. When you are strolling around admiring the … Read More

Sheena’s Plant of the Month – Solanum Crispum ‘Glasnevin’

light p[urple flowers with yellow centres

Solanum Crispum ‘Glasnevin’ is a very vigorous evergreen or semi-evergreen scrambling shrub or climber. It has won a Royal Horticultural Society award of merit for its reliability. When choosing plants in garden centres, look out for the RHS logo if you’re not sure which variety is best, as it indicates that the plant is recommended by the RHS. Their awards … Read More

Water Saving Tips for the Garden

Top Water Saving Tips for the Garden this Summer Traditional English gardens require a lot of water. Conserving it in beds and borders is becoming more of a priority to many of us, especially after the long hot summer we had last year. It just shows that we can’t always count on rain from heaven to keep things green and … Read More

Wildlife Garden Design Ideas

Wildlife Garden Design Ideas for the UK It’s easy to forget how important our gardens are to the country’s overall green space. In fact, private gardens cover more ground than all of Britain’s nature reserves combined! That means they play a vital role in supporting biodiversity – and we can all do our bit to help. Here are some ideas … Read More

How to Save Money on Gardening

Ten Tips to Save Money on Gardening It is possible to save money on Gardening and create a gorgeous garden. Traditional gardeners are a thrifty bunch and have an arsenal of practical ways you can use to save money on gardening. 1. My number one tip for saving money in a garden is to make your own compost. Adding compost … Read More

Modern Cottage Garden Design

Cottage garden design ideas

How to Design a Modern Cottage Garden Modern cottage garden design is possible to achieve, no matter what the size, shape or age of your house. Here is some inspiration and various ideas on how you can get started, based on our garden design and experience over the last twenty years! First things first – the front entrance Not all … Read More

How to Improve Soil Drainage

Spring garden

It all starts with the soil! Here’s how to improve soil drainage If you want an abundant garden jammed with healthy plants you have to have good drainage. Most  plants will not flourish in heavy, waterlogged soil so the essential ingredient to a good garden is to improve soil drainage. Getting it right is a continuing process. There are no … Read More

Top Ten Ideas for Winter Flowers in your Garden

Winter flowers

Winter Flowers for all the Seasons Although you might have to look a bit harder to spot winter flowers,  it’s possible at least in most parts of  the uk, to have something interesting to see all year round in your garden. Planning a successful all seasons garden depends on bold structure, a definite style and a good range of core … Read More

Companion Planting

White cabbage with marigolds

What is Companion Planting? Companion planting is a great way to attract the right pollinators whilst keeping enemies at bay. The purpose of companion planting is to keep a natural balance in your garden, saving time and money by grouping plants together which complement each other. Although the idea has become more prevalent recently it is not new. Nearly 10,000 … Read More

Feature Writer for Award Winning Supplement

Oxford Garden Design - In the press

Award Winning Supplement Writer Our founder and CEO, Sheena Marsh, writes a regular column for the ‘Oxford Times’ Oxfordshire Limited Edition which has won Supplement of the Year at the Midlands Media Awards 2016. The judges said that with Limited Edition, the Oxford Times had produced a spectacular supplement strengthened by the addition of new columnists, which celebrated the people, … Read More