April Garden Maintenance Jobs

Of all the months April is the one in which the garden changes most dramatically. Things suddenly begin to look green and vibrant and the warmer days and lighter evenings gladden the heart of every gardener. So, it’s time to shake off the winter blues and get stuck into the shrubbery. This is the busiest month of the gardening year … Read More

March Garden Maintenance Jobs

This is the best time of year to prune bush and shrub roses (not climbers or ramblers which should have been done in the autumn.) Remove all winter damage and don’t worry about pruning bush roses hard, it will help them produce really good growth and flowers in summer. By thinning overcrowded growth you’ll be letting in more light and … Read More

Container Gardening

Plants in terracotta pots

Plants to grow in a container The one activity most gardeners share, whether they own a large estate or just a tiny courtyard, is growing plants in containers. Almost all gardeners do it – with good reason. Cultivating plants in hanging baskets, window boxes, troughs, pots, tubs, even old wheelbarrows is immensely, instantly rewarding and offers great scope for the … Read More

Sheena’s Plant of the Month: Prunus Sargentii

This is one of the most beautiful cherries with rosy-pink flowers.  The autumn colour is bright and usually scarlet or crimson and is often one of the first trees to colour up sometimes as early as September. In ideal conditions it will grow up to 10 metres tall (30ft.) All ornamental cherries grow best in full sun on moist fertile … Read More