Keeping Busy in the June Garden

Summer is really here! Ornamental borders will soon be at their best when towards the end of the month scented roses begin to flower in earnest. There is plenty to do in the garden to keep you occupied, such as cutting back and mowing, but it’s a time of year to really sit back and enjoy the fruits of your … Read More

Climbing Plants for a Wall

How to design a garden

Finding the Right Climbing Plant for a Wall One of the best ways of making the most of precious garden space is by using the third dimension and going upwards. Most houses have at least one wall that can be planted against and the front entrance is a particularly important place to consider what, if any, climbing plants are chosen … Read More

Sheena’s Plant of the Month: Choisya ‘Aztec Pearl’

This fairly common plant is seen frequently for a reason. It’s not at all fussy, the glossy leaves are evergreen, its citrus-scented, pinky-white flowers persist for weeks sometimes repeating in late summer, and it makes a neat mound up to 2.5m each way. It can be kept smaller with careful pruning after flowering. Because of all these qualities, Choisya makes … Read More

Spring Shrub and Tree Care Tips

Prune spring-flowering shrubs once they have finished flowering. Examples are things like Kerria Japonica, Forsythia, and Spirea. Also, if you have one, prune the glorious Clematis Montana after it has flowered. This beauty is a very fast-growing climber that can easily get out of hand unless pruned hard every year. It’s a good choice of plant if you have an … Read More

May Maintenance Jobs for the Garden

This month, more than any other, the astonishing range of greens that unfurl are to be savoured and admired. Just being out in nature can do so much to revive the spirits, so if you have a garden May is the month to truly immerse yourself in it. Everything is starting to grow fast in gardens now, including weeds, so … Read More