Jobs to Keep You Busy in the Garden This March

spring flowers

A profusion of spring flowers are brightening up the garden. This is the month when things are really starting to happen, when most plants emerge from their winter dormancy along with an itch for us gardeners to be outside. Signs of life are everywhere, from the increasingly noisy dawn chorus to hawthorn buds and freely flowering daffodils, fritillaries and crocus. … Read More

February Planting and Pruning Tips

It’s not too late to plant bare-root trees and shrubs this month. The advantage is they are invariably cheaper than container grown varieties and are often better quality with a wide range of choice. The only disadvantage is you will have to plant them immediately they arrive, so make sure you have prepared the soil well before planting. If I … Read More

Are Coffee Grounds Good for your Garden?

Garden design ideas

Using Coffee Grounds in the Garden Using coffee grounds for gardening is a hot tip floating around with enthusiasts. So are coffee grounds good for gardens? Like most things in life, the answer here cannot be a simple yes or no. For the sake of closure, let’s say that is true, but with caveats.  Here are some tips to use … Read More

Sheena’s Plant of the Month: Viburnum Tinus 

In recent years this moderately vigorous, evergreen shrub has become unfashionable but that’s probably only because it’s such a useful plant. A good choice if you want a loose informal hedge which flowers over a long period of time. The dark, evergreen leaves look attractive all year round, although it is susceptible to the Viburnum Beetle, making unsightly holes in … Read More

Things to Do in the Garden in February

Now that the first harbingers of spring are in flower and there’s an appreciable difference in the daylight hours, there is a feeling of hope in the air. The sight of snowdrops, aconites, crocus, hellebores, violets, primroses and catkins lift the spirits. February is the month to take a moment and wander around a garden admiring the young green shoots … Read More