More Maintenance Jobs for the January Garden

seedlings in pots

If you enjoy raising plants from seed, you can begin sowing them by the end of this month. Provided they are kept in a sunny, frost-free environment they will get off to a flying start. No matter how long you’ve been gardening, raising your own plants from seed is very satisfying. To get seeds such as tomatoes and tender bedding … Read More

What Vegetables to Plant in January


What Vegetables to Plant in January The vegetables you can plant in January depend on your specific climate and growing conditions. January is typically a lot cooler so you’ll be looking at cold-hardy vegetables that can withstand colder temperatures. As we roll out of Christmas, we might be setting some goals to become healthier or live a more sustainable lifestyle. … Read More

January: Time to Plan Ahead for a Year-Round Garden of Cut Flowers

Now is the time to plan your garden to grow flowers for cutting this year. Establishing a long succession of flowers for cutting is easy and not hugely costly. Perennials that self-seed, such as the frothy yellow Alchemilla mollis or aquilegias, are plants no flower arranger should be without but until they become established it’s simple to sow annuals for … Read More

Sheena’s Plant of the Month for January: Honeysuckle

Shrubs that are flowering at the moment include one of my favourites, the winter honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima and L. x purpusii), which fills the air with wonderful scent. I made a mistake when I planted mine right at the end of the garden a couple of years ago… it really needs to be nearer the door to be fully appreciated. … Read More

Gardening by the Moon

Gardening by the Moon In the age-old practice of gardening, there’s a mystical and fascinating method of gardening by the moon. This ancient method, deeply rooted in folklore and agricultural traditions, suggests that the phases of the moon can significantly influence plant growth. The moon affects the tides so some gardeners believe that it can also affect the water on … Read More

Keeping Busy in the January Garden

The comforting thing about the march of the seasons in a garden is the inevitability of the cycles. It won’t be long before snowdrops make their first welcome appearance heralding spring and the whole show can start again – January is an optimistic month. Although the days are cold and the nights long, there is always something to do in … Read More