Focus on Fences

As the weather begins to turn and we venture inside, gardens become dormant spaces – forgotten until spring When the greenery has died back, however, and you get to see the bare bones of your garden, winter presents a fantastic opportunity for adjusting or changing your perimeter fences – the backdrop to your spring, summer and autumn display. With bad … Read More

Sheena’s Plant of the Month for June: Viburnum plicatum ‘Mariesii’

Garden Maintenance Oxfordshire, Oxford Garden Design

Viburnum plicatum ‘Mariesii’, or the Japanese snowball bush, has wonderful white lacecap-like flowers on horizontally tiered branches in May-June The dark green leaves turn red-purple in autumn and I always think that plants that give two seasons of interest give good value. This beautiful deciduous shrub makes an excellent specimen plant for a sunny shrub or mixed border. Give it … Read More

April Jobs in the Garden: Patio Cleaning

Garden Maintenance Oxfordshire, Oxford Garden Design

There are no excuses; it’s well and truly time to get busy in the garden Here at OGD garden design and landscaping, we find April to be the most exciting month of the year in the gardening calendar. Things suddenly begin to look green and vibrant and the warmer days and lighter evenings can gladden the heart of every gardener. … Read More

Oxfordshire Gardens for Inspiration

Oxfordshire Garden Tours

Gardens to visit in Oxfordshire One of the joys of gardening is that there is always something more to learn. As a breed, gardeners love new ideas and since Roman times people have enjoyed visiting gardens to stare and wonder. The county of Oxfordshire, where our business is based but we also cover the Cotswolds, Cheltenham, Winchcombe in Gloucestershire. Oxfordshire … Read More

Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Flowers for Loved Ones February is probably the grimmest month in the gardening calendar, with flowers being in scarce supply but there is hope in the air. For many of us, the first sign of spring and the promise of milder weather just around the corner is the sight of a clump of brave Snowdrops poking through the cold earth … Read More

Preparing your flower borders for a beautiful summer display

If your flower borders have ‘bare patches’ now is a good time to sow hardy annuals outdoors. Examples are love-in-a-mist, nasturtium sunflowers, calendula, poppy, love-in-a-mist, larkspur, poached egg flowers, lavatera, alyssum, cornflower, night scented stock, and climbers like nasturtium and scented sweet pea. As a company that offers garden design Gloucestershire, we understand that there are lots to choose from and it’s a simple job of sowing … Read More

More tasks for your garden in September

Move trees and shrubs now … … while the soil is relatively warm. If a plant has got to be moved, dig around, as far from the base as you can and as deep as possible, to take up a large area of the root. If it’s a very big shrub you may have to enlist the help of a … Read More

Sheena’s Plant of the Month: Sarcococca confusa

Known as Christmas Box or Sweet Box, this is a must if you like scent in the garden. Any plant that flowers in the winter must work very hard to attract the few insects that are around, hence winter flowering shrubs are particularly fragrant. The Christmas Box is a very unassuming, unfussy little plant with small white flowers and evergreen … Read More

Jobs for your garden in December

Garden Fencing When the garden greenery has died back, you get to see the bare bones of your garden and now is a good opportunity for adjusting or changing your perimeter fences – the backdrop to your spring, summer and autumn display. With bad weather and winter storms causing inevitable damage in some cases, many use this time for repair … Read More

Enjoying the garden in December

December can be a wonderful month in the garden. Although the days are short, on those clear, frosty, sunny mornings it can be a real pleasure to be outside and much better for you than snoozing in front of the fire! As these days are few, treasure and make the most of them – there’s always something to do in … Read More