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Blossom in the garden

Blossom in the Garden

Five Great Trees for Spring Blossom

This is a glorious time of year for gardening and landscaping. The first heralds of spring, Snowdrops, are over for this year but trees and hedges are coming alive with gorgeous blossom.

There are plenty of trees to choose from to adorn your garden this spring but we’ve narrowed down the choice to the following favourites:

1. Crataegus Paul’s Scarlet

A fantastic variety of hawthorn to go for.

Although called scarlet, the colour is really a deep pink, and will be in flower from March to May.

A good tree for a small garden, it will grow in most soils.

2. Amelanchier lamarckii

The graceful branches of the snowy mespilus are laden with very light pink blossom in April.

This obliging tree is happy in most soils, and makes a good choice for a small garden.

3. Malus Royalty

The combination of the deep, crimson-pink flowers with the young, purple leaves of this small crab apple tree creates a rich colour combination.

In the autumn the tree is covered in deep red fruit which often last well into winter.

4. Magnolia Galaxy

This spectacular tree makes it a great specimen as a feature.

It produces large goblet shaped, pink flowers which emerge before the foliage, a very pretty tree if you have the space.

Prunus Pink Perfection5. Prunus Pink Perfection

A gorgeous flowering cherry with abundant deep-pink buds which open to frilly, double flowers in drooping clusters in spring.

A perfect tree for a small garden with the added bonus of having excellent autumn foliage as well.

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