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Setting up an outdoor kitchen adds a real sense of luxury to your garden and works great for parties, events, BBQs, and dinners. We provide bespoke garden kitchen installations which transform your outdoor space and provide that al fresco feel. Contact us for more information on our garden kitchen installation services in Oxfordshire.   

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Garden kitchen FAQs

Installing a brand new outdoor kitchen can be a big endeavour so it's best to be well-informed beforehand. Here are some common questions about garden kitchens that we are often asked. Also feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our garden kitchen installation services in Oxfordshire.

Do I need planning permission for a garden kitchen?

You do not need planning permission or special permits for an outdoor kitchen as it’s seen as a garden enhancement rather than a building project or permanent structure. This offers you a lot of flexibility and room to manoeuvre when choosing elements like position and style.

What is the best surface for an outdoor kitchen?

For outdoor countertops and surfaces there are many different options to choose from such as stone, granite, quartz, brick. While each have their own merits, it’s often down to what would work best with the rest of the house and garden to ensure the surface blends in well.

Should outdoor kitchens have a roof?

It is highly recommended to add a roof or canopy to your outdoor kitchen to fully or partially cover it. You can also look at awnings or pergolas. Covers will help maintain the kitchen and its features in the long term and offer protection from the elements – especially in winter.

What is a must for an outdoor kitchen?

There are plenty of features you can include in a garden kitchen such as pizza oven, smoker, grill, side burner, refrigerator, ice well, sink, worktops, seating. It really depends on personal taste and what you plan on using the kitchen for.

Do outdoor kitchens need to be plumbed in?

If you have a sink in your garden kitchen then you’ll need a water line to bring in fresh water. You’ll also need a drain pipe to remove waste water. Sinks are a useful feature for outdoor kitchens so a proper plumbing setup will definitely be worth investing in.

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