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Does a garden wall need building regulations?

Certain types of garden walls in the UK may be subject to building regulations, while others may not require approval. The need for building regulations generally depends on the height and proximity of the wall to other structures or boundaries. Here are some general guidelines:

1. Planning Permission vs. Building Regulations: It's important to note that planning permission and building regulations are two different aspects of construction. Planning permission deals with the overall appearance, use, and impact of a structure on its surroundings. Building regulations, on the other hand, are concerned with the structural integrity, safety, and energy efficiency of a construction project.

2. Garden Walls under 2m in Height: In general, garden walls that are less than 2 meters in height are unlikely to require planning permission or building regulations approval, as long as they are not directly adjacent to a road or footpath.

3. Garden Walls over 2m in Height: If your garden wall is going to be over 2 meters in height, it may require planning permission and could also be subject to building regulations. This is because taller walls might impact the safety of nearby properties or have other implications.

For example, this wall in Burford did need planning permission from the local council:

4. Boundary Walls and Party Walls: If the wall is going to be built on or close to a boundary, it could be considered a "boundary wall." If it's going to be built astride the boundary, it's called a "party wall." Both boundary and party walls have specific legal considerations that might require you to inform adjacent property owners and follow certain procedures.

5. Retaining Walls: If the wall is functioning as a retaining wall (holding back soil), it may be subject to specific regulations due to the potential safety risks associated with soil pressure and drainage. We have been called in to repair a lot of retaining walls that have been badly built and have collapsed after a few years. It’s important to ensure that the wall is on solid foundations before building.

In this example we ensured that the wall was built with breeze blocks and capped with Cotswold Stone for aesthetics:

6. Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas: If your property is listed or located within a conservation area, you will likely need to obtain permission for any significant alterations, including garden walls.

7. Materials and Design: While building regulations might not specifically dictate the construction of garden walls, the choice of materials, design, and construction methods could still impact the stability and safety of the wall. Using appropriate materials and following good construction practices is advisable.


Please note that regulations and requirements can change and this information is only at the time of publishing. We would always recommended to check with your local planning authority or a building control officer to get the most up-to-date and accurate information based on your specific situation and location. If you need help or advise on building and landscaping in our local area, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help!


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