Garden Pond Ideas

water feature garden

Some Garden Pond Ideas and Water Features The colour, scent and visual pleasure of a garden can all be enhanced by the sensual nature of water. If properly used, water in a garden gives light, life and will always be eye catching. No matter what the space, water can be incorporated into some sort of garden design. Here are some … Read More

More Jobs for the April Garden

If your flower borders have ‘bare patches’, now is a good time to sow hardy annuals outdoors. Examples are love-in-a-mist, calendula, poppy, larkspur, poached egg flowers, lavatera, alyssum, cornflower, night scented stock, and climbers like nasturtium and scented sweet pea. There are lots to choose from and it’s a simple job of sowing them straight into the ground. Make sure … Read More

Sheena’s Star Plant of the Month: Clematis Montana grandiflora

cat sitting in clematis bush

Early-flowering clematis will bloom with the first mild spell and give the gloomiest garden a lift and the Clematis Montana grandiflora are great for covering an ugly eyesore quickly – very quickly indeed. They can be a little vigorous but are easily controlled by serious pruning straight after flowering. As with all clematis, they require their roots to be in shade … Read More

Garden Seating Area Ideas

Bench by wall

 Make the most of your outdoor room with these garden seating area ideas! Of all the pleasures that a garden offers perhaps the simplest and greatest is just to sit  outside and relax for a while on a summer evening. Here are some garden seating area ideas to help give you inspiration for your outdoor space. Whatever the size of … Read More

Container Planting Ideas

container planting

Container Planting Ideas for your Garden The one activity most gardeners share, whether they own a several acre estate or just a mere window sill, is growing plants in containers. Almost all gardeners do it and have lots of inspired container planting ideas  – with good reason. Growing plants in hanging baskets, window boxes, troughs, pots, tubs, even old wheelbarrows … Read More

April Gardening Jobs


April is probably the most exciting month of the year in the gardening calendar. Things suddenly begin to look green and vibrant and the warmer days and lighter evenings can gladden the heart of every gardener. You’ll feel inspired by colour from flowers and foliage and the variety of different scents. So, it’s time to shake off the winter blues … Read More