Alternatives to a box hedge

 Ideas for Alternatives to a Box hedge in the Garden In recent years it has become more common for people to ask for alternatives to a box hedge in their garden. Box (buxus) it is native to southern areas of the uk, thriving on hillsides, in woodland or scrub. The best known wild populations of box are found on Box … Read More

Tips for Pruning Jobs in the February Garden

February might be the coldest, grimmest month in the garden but later on this month, the early narcissi start making an appearance in gardens and the winter flowering shrubs, such as the Daphnes, will soon be full of fragrance and colour. This is a good month for pruning woody plants. Hardy shrubs that flower on new wood later in the … Read More

Garden Lights Ideas

Garden lights summer

Garden lights aren’t just for for Christmas! People often think about lights on a Christmas tree in the garden but why stop there? Using lighting all through the year to create a subtle glow outlining a specimen tree, to illuminate a group of plant containers, spotlight a piece of artwork or an archway, even under a blanket of snow, creates … Read More

Top Ten Ideas for Winter Flowers in your Garden

Winter flowers

Winter Flowers for all the Seasons Although you might have to look a bit harder to spot winter flowers,  it’s possible at least in most parts of  the uk, to have something interesting to see all year round in your garden. Planning a successful all seasons garden depends on bold structure, a definite style and a good range of core … Read More

Tips for Growing Snowdrops in your Garden

February is probably the grimmest month in the gardening calendar, with low temperatures and flowers being in scarce supply. However, there is hope in the air. For many of us, the first sign of spring and the promise of milder weather just around the corner is the sight of a clump of brave snowdrops poking through the cold earth of … Read More

More Jobs for the January Garden

Make sure you feed the birds this winter. Even in cold weather, water is important for all our native birds so as well as laying on food you may want to consider opening a drinks bar. They aren’t too fussy – a simple bird bath will do the trick and they won’t turn their beaks up at an old dustbin … Read More

Things to Do in the January Garden

Even though this is the coldest time of year and the garden in January may look asleep, this is a month for optimism. By the end of the January pearly white snowdrops and golden winter aconites will appear, making a perfect partnership with hellebores. Those brave plants that are flowering at this time of year can be admired without distraction.  … Read More

How to Choose Holly For Your garden

If you have a holly tree with berries in your garden, get in early to collect your share for indoor decorations before the birds decimate it. At any other time of year it would seem strange to merrily gather ‘decorations’ from the woodlands (let alone entire trees!) but once a year off we trot ‘en masse’ to adorn our homes … Read More

Winter Gardening Tips

Any sunshine this month will be weak, but if you feel like venturing into the garden, wrap up well and there are always jobs to be getting on with! Now’s your chance to catch up with any repairs or maintenance jobs that have been piling up over the year and you can make the most of any good weather by … Read More

November Gardening Jobs

Plant tulips this month as the temperature is cool enough to discourage fungal diseases. Check for blue mould on your bulbs and do not plant them if you discover it. They do require good drainage so you can mix your soil with gravel if your soil is heavy clay. The end that tapers is the top of the bulb and … Read More