Summer Garden Inspiration

This is the month when all your hard work really starts to show. Most gardens reach their peak in June – borders look perfect and summer fruit and vegetables are flourishing. Ornamental borders will soon be at their best when towards the end of the month scented roses begin to flower in earnest. There is plenty to do in the … Read More

How to improve soil quality

Improve soil quality

10 Ways to improve soil quality If you want an abundant garden jammed with healthy plants the essential ingredient is good garden soil and getting it right is a continuing process. There are no short cuts, it can be hard work to improve soil quality and  takes years. However, if you get the soil right, you will be rewarded with … Read More

Helpful Garden Insects

Helpful garden insects

Helpful Insects for your Garden By Jeffrey Douglas   As a gardener I absolutely love spring and warmer weather. Warm weather not only means a flourish of plant growth in the garden but a corresponding increase in the presence of creepy, crawly, or winged insects outside as well. Before you go on a mission for the bug killer or search … Read More