Alternative Lawn Ideas

Alternative lawn ideas

Plants as Alternative Lawn Ideas Many people love a stripy green lawn but it can be hard work to keep it looking good. Sometimes there are areas in a garden where you might want a patch of green without all the hassle of maintenance, where mowing grass is not a viable option. In these situations there are plants that could … Read More

How to Create a Wildflower Meadow

how to create a wildflower meadow

How to create a wildflower meadow in the garden? How to create a wildflower meadow is a question I’m often asked, very happy to answer and indeed encourage! Small things in a garden can have a big impact and there is a growing awareness that by deliberately leaving an area to grow more freely is the best way to help … Read More

Tips for Pruning Jobs in the February Garden

February might be the coldest, grimmest month in the garden but later on this month, the early narcissi start making an appearance in gardens and the winter flowering shrubs, such as the Daphnes, will soon be full of fragrance and colour. This is a good month for pruning woody plants. Hardy shrubs that flower on new wood later in the … Read More

Sheena’s Plant of the Month: Viburnum Tinus 

Viburnum Tinus

In recent years this moderately vigorous, evergreen shrub has become unfashionable but that’s probably only because it’s such a useful plant. Viburnum Tinus is a good choice if you want a loose informal hedge that flowers over a long period of time. The dark, evergreen leaves look attractive all year round, although it is susceptible to the Viburnum Beetle, which … Read More

New Build Garden Ideas

FAQ…How to design a new build garden? New build gardens present a challenge to even the keenest of gardeners. You may find the garden is a big square of mud, or you may have been left with a lawn, but nothing else. For some people the idea of planning a new build garden is exciting. All that space to do … Read More

Gardens to Visit in Oxfordshire

An oxford college garden

Oxfordshire’s lovely gardens to visit. One of the joys of gardening is that there is always something more to learn. As a breed, gardeners love new ideas and since Roman times people have enjoyed visiting gardens to stare and wonder. Oxfordshire is richly blessed with gardens, many with historic importance. If you’re stuck for ideas for your own outdoor space, … Read More

Garden Lights Ideas

Garden lights summer

Garden lights aren’t just for for Christmas! People often think about lights on a Christmas tree in the garden but why stop there? Using lighting all through the year to create a subtle glow outlining a specimen tree, to illuminate a group of plant containers, spotlight a piece of artwork or an archway, even under a blanket of snow, creates … Read More

Family Garden Ideas

Family garden ideas

Easy family garden ideas to keep the children happy If you like gardening, the chances are the seed was sown when you were a child. Here are some family garden ideas to encourage the next generation of gardeners! Children in the garden Children are natural explorers and your garden is the perfect place, no matter how small, to encourage that … Read More

How to Improve Soil Drainage

Spring garden

It all starts with the soil! Here’s how to improve soil drainage If you want an abundant garden jammed with healthy plants you have to have good drainage. Most  plants will not flourish in heavy, waterlogged soil so the essential ingredient to a good garden is to improve soil drainage. Getting it right is a continuing process. There are no … Read More