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Garden lights aren’t just for for Christmas!

Garden lighting, Oxfordshire

People often think about lights on a Christmas tree in the garden but why stop there? Using lighting all through the year to create a subtle glow outlining a specimen tree, to illuminate a group of plant containers, spotlight a piece of artwork or an archway, even under a blanket of snow, creates an extra element to any garden. Enjoying a night time view of the garden from the house gives the feel of an extra room, and, if you live in the countryside will hint at the wildness beyond.

Garden lights ideas for summer

Lights in the garden


Outdoor lighting extends the feeling of space in addition to being practical. Adding  lights along paths and walkways can help to define the edges and illuminate any flowers that are planted next to them. The key thing to remember is that a little goes a long way and darkness can also be used to good effect to conceal any less attractive areas! Decide on the areas you do want to light and focus on those. Paths and steps require a direct source of light for practical purposes. Position the light near the area you want lit, but placed low for subtlety. Fittings that are set directly into a wall achieve this effect perfectly.

Less is often more when lighting the gardenGarden lights bicester oxfordshire

Lights should be chosen to suit the style of your garden and house and enhance nature.  There are numerous choices, but if you are in doubt something simple and unobtrusive is the safest option. It is essential to use light fittings specially designed for outside use and installed by a professional. All fittings, cables and power points should be waterproofed and armoured in case of an accident with the garden fork! In this age of energy efficient outdoor lights, the cost of running is minimal.

Fairy lights and other garden lights ideas

Fairy lights in the garden

Since most of us entertain in the evenings, if you want to make the most out of eating ‘al fresco’ you will need some sort of lights in the eating, and of course, the cooking areas. Fairy lights for the garden are a popular option. They don’t necessarily have to be a permanent feature but brought out for the occasion. It’s fun to highlight some key plants and enhance the scene with candles, which can be decorative in their own right. Keep looking for inspiration in restaurants, pubs and other designed lighting schemes.

For larger garden lighting projects, it’s best to call in professional help. In the Oxfordshire area we’ve got to know the work by SKR lighting design who offer creative, technical lighting schemes. It’s amazing what can be done to totally transform the night time scene in a garden.

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