Preparing trees, shrubs and perennials for autumn

Bare root trees and shrubs will become available later in the season so now, while the soil is relatively warm, is the time to prepare the ground if you’re planning to plant a new tree or hedge. Dig over the entire area removing any weed roots and dig in plenty of organic matter. It is hard work but the new … Read More

A Tree for Every Season… and Garden

Choosing the right tree for your garden No two trees are alike in shape, form texture and colour, and, at this time of year, many are putting on a final glorious display before the long winter months. Now is the best time to plan a new tree for your garden Trees of course are vital to our environment, put simply, … Read More

Sheena’s Plant of the Month: Schizostylis coccinea – the Kaffir lily

Such an exotic looking plant but very hardy, reliable and so easy to lift and divide, I think every garden should have a clump of Kaffir lilies. They make good cut flowers and the narrow, sword-shaped leaves are attractive all year round, making it ideal for a mixed border. It works well with other late flowering perennials, such as asters, … Read More

October Garden Maintenance Jobs

As autumn closes in on our gardens it does so in a blaze of vibrant colour. Michaelmas daisies are at their most spectacular best and the autumn bulbs and cyclamen commence flowering. Leaf colour and berries are illuminated on sunny days with intensity. The last warm days are to be savoured. Every opportunity should be taken to tackle some of … Read More