Preparing the November Garden for the Next Gardening Year

tulip flowers in red and yellow

Plant tulips this month as the temperature is cool enough to discourage fungal diseases. Check for blue mould on your bulbs and do not plant them if you discover it. They do require good drainage, so you can mix your soil with gravel if your soil is heavy clay. The end that tapers is the top of the bulb and … Read More

Sheena’s Star Plant for November: Lonicera fragrantissima

Just coming into flower now, the winter honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima) covers itself in creamy-white, highly fragrant flowers. Like most winter-flowering species, its scent is so strong that it carries for some distance to guide in those pollinators that are still on the wing. In winter, flowers need to be perfumed with the sort of scent that travels and lingers in … Read More