Summer Garden Maintenance Tips

Now is a good time to apply a fertiliser with high potash content to ‘green up’ the grass. In late summer it’s not advisable to apply a high-nitrogen fertiliser to a lawn as it will promote vigorous growth, which will not stand up to the rigours of winter. Fertilisers with a high potash content will instead promote root growth, toughening … Read More

Summer Garden Pruning Tips

Golden August days are matched by the plants. Crocosmias, dahlias, sunflowers, buddleias and rudbekias are all jostling for attention as many gardens reach their peak. This is the busiest month for harvesting fruits and vegetables ready for the freezer. As always, there is much to be done. Dead-heading flowers is an ongoing task. Most flowers benefit from having old flowers … Read More

How to use Sculpture in the Garden

Using sculpture in the garden A piece of garden sculpture can act as a focal point to draw the eye and bring the whole thing together. You may feel your garden needs to be punctuated with interesting features – at the end of a pathway, for instance, or edging some steps.  You might want to emphasise another feature, such as … Read More

Sheena’s Plant of the Month: Rosa Zephirine Drouhin

rosa zephirine drouhin

Rosa Zephirine Drouhin is my favourite climbing rose for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s virtually thornless, making it an ideal choice for a family garden, or for planting near a frequently used door or pathway. One of the few roses that will thrive in a shady spot, it requires very little attention, is easy going about pruning and is … Read More