Busy Buzzy Bees… where are you?

Bees Garden Design Oxfordshire

How to attract bees into the garden Bees are vital for  the pollination of fruit and vegetables and for this reason alone, gardeners including landscape gardeners Oxford should be looking for ways to attract them into the garden. However, you may have noticed that bees are becoming more and more scarce in our gardens. So where are our missing bees? … Read More

Could You Benefit From A “Greener” Garden?

“Green” Gardening Fundamentally, for us at Oxford landscaping and design, “going green” – or rather becoming more eco-friendly – means striving to be in harmony with nature. Eco-gardening is the practice of maintaining a chemical free garden; growing your plants organically and providing the most natural environment for them to flourish as possible. These efforts are important for preserving a sustainable … Read More

More November Gardening Jobs

Plant tulips this month as the temperature is cool enough to discourage fungal diseases. Check for blue mould on your bulbs and do not plant them if you discover it. They do require good drainage so you can mix your soil with gravel if your soil is heavy clay. The end that tapers is the top of the bulb and … Read More

November Garden Maintenance Jobs

Good gardening days are rare this month which is all the more reason for taking full advantage of the few suitable days – there’s always something to see and do in the garden! Although flowers can be scarce, there are still berries, evergreen foliage and bark to add interest on even the dullest of days. You can warm yourself up … Read More