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Focus on Fences

As the weather begins to turn and we venture inside, gardens become dormant spaces – forgotten until spring

When the greenery has died back, however, and you get to see the bare bones of your garden, winter presents a fantastic opportunity for adjusting or changing your perimeter fences – the backdrop to your spring, summer and autumn display.

With bad weather and winter storms causing inevitable damage in some cases, many use this time for repair and maintenance of the structures in the garden.

Using a fence as part of a garden design

Your choice of materials can subtly affect the overall feel of your garden.

What kind of look are you aiming for?

Does your fencing need to be showy?

A wattle fence can give an earthy, organic feel. Panelled fencing can give privacy, but if not chosen carefully can lack elegance.

If you have a herb or kitchen garden, you may need to keep out the rabbits! A well constructed fence or wall can provide the perfect frame for your garden, be it ornamental or practical.

Using trellis as a screen in your garden

If you don’t want to completely block yourself off from the world (or your neighbours) consider using trellis, as we have used in this Oxfordshire garden.

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