Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Flowers for Loved Ones February is probably the grimmest month in the gardening calendar, with flowers being in scarce supply but there is hope in the air. For many of us, the first sign of spring and the promise of milder weather just around the corner is the sight of a clump of brave Snowdrops poking through the cold earth … Read More

Ideas for Front Garden Design

Front Garden Design

What does your front garden say about you? Sometimes small front gardens can be more difficult to plan than larger spaces. We’ve put together some ideas for front garden design to help. Too often the front garden is dominated by the car and a gathering of dustbins and bikes, while the horticultural delights remain hidden around the back of the … Read More

A Garden For All Seasons

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A Garden for All Seasons A standard excuse that we gardeners use to visitors is that the garden was looking better last week or will look better in the summer, spring… or any other time except now. Most of us have gardens that have peaks and troughs throughout the year, we might have concentrated too hard on that spring bulb … Read More