Small welcoming garden

Garden project: design with an experienced eye

The brief for this small new build garden was to allow entertaining, as well as planting for the owners to be active gardeners.
When the owners of this garden moved into their brand new house they realised that they had an exciting new blank canvas for a garden. They wanted the opportunity to have an experienced eye to look over it to help soften it both with landscaping features and planting. As is common with new build homes, privacy was a problem but can be resolved with planting small trees in key places, as well as using different textures both in new materials and planting to delineate the spaces to be created.

Spaciousness using different areas

Our clients wanted two areas for sitting and entertaining and are quite gardeners at heart so planting was important!  They wanted to more find out more about gardening and so needed a little help with our plant maintenance guide, which comes as part of our design package. It was important for them to have a utility area, somewhere for a greenhouse and raised beds, as well as a herb garden coming off the utility room. Emma came up with an inspired design, breaking the garden up into different areas of interest to give the impression of spaciousness.
In particular, the clients love the colours yellow and purple and wanted to see more of these colours in the planting. We recommended a David Austin rose called ‘The Poets Wife’ and a clematis called Clematis 'Etoile Violette,' which makes a lovely combination of colour. After the landscaping work was finished and the planting done, the owners have introduced plants of their choosing, including an amazing yellow dahlia ‘Bishop of York’ which makes a stunning entrance to the garden. It’s amazing how many plants can be put into a relatively small space. This garden makes the visitor feel very welcome.

Garden before


Garden after


Project images