New build classic garden

Garden project: design for a classic English garden

A new garden that continues to mature and provide great pleasure to the owners.
After a long, hot summer the grass of this new garden was looking very sad and much of the planting done by the property developer had failed to establish. The new owners are very keen gardeners and wanted to create a classic ‘English’ garden full of lavender, roses and above all scent.

Blank canvas

We were asked to design a garden for the whole family to enjoy, bursting with colour and interest. As with many newly built properties, the garden was a ‘blank canvas’ so we created a design to break the garden up into different areas of interest, using curves to flow from one area to another.

Keep it simple

After just one year later the garden was completely transformed into a magical space and  over the years it has continued to developed a mature charm. The owners are cherishing their  garden. It has given and continues to give enormous pleasure.

Garden before


Garden after


Project images