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Garden Lighting Isn’t Just for December!

People often think about lights on a Christmas tree in the December garden but why stop there? Using lighting all through the year to create a subtle glow outlining a specimen tree, to illuminate a group of plant containers, spotlight a piece of artwork or an archway, even under a blanket of snow, creates an extra element to any garden.

The aim of introducing the element of light to the garden at night, is not to try and recreate the sun by flooding the whole garden with light. Instead, decide what you want to light and from where you’re going to be looking at the result. Enjoying a nighttime view of the garden from the house gives the feel of an extra room, and, if you live in the countryside, will hint at the wildness beyond.

Outdoor lighting extends the feeling of space in addition to being practical. Adding lights along paths and walkways can help to define the edges and illuminate any flowers that are planted next to them. The key thing to remember is that a little goes a long way and darkness can also be used to good effect to conceal any less attractive areas! Decide on the areas you do want to light and focus on those. Some things will be obvious candidates. Paths and steps require a direct source of light for practical purposes, and specimen trees and water features will come to life at night. Position the light near the area you want lit, but placed low for subtlety. Fittings that are set directly into a wall achieve this effect perfectly.

Impress your friends and family this winter with a light show in your very own garden!

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