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Spring Shrub and Tree Care Tips

Prune spring-flowering shrubs once they have finished flowering. Examples are things like Kerria Japonica, Forsythia, and Spirea. Also, if you have one, prune the glorious Clematis Montana after it has flowered. This beauty is a very fast-growing climber that can easily get out of hand unless pruned hard every year. It’s a good choice of plant if you have an ugly wall or fence that you want to cover quickly.


If you planted new shrubs and trees over the winter keep an eye on them, especially in dry weather. A few days of sun, accompanied by drying winds, will dry out the soil surprisingly quickly so watering may have to be done on a daily basis. Any organic matter, such as well rotted manure, garden compost or even a layer of grass clippings applied as a mulch, will help with retaining water. If possible, water in the evening when there is less chance of water evaporating in the heat of the day.


Hardy annuals are fantastic plants to have in the garden. They flower for weeks and are very easy to look after. If you have children, they are great plants to encourage them to take an interest in sowing and growing plants. Sow a mixture of varieties now for a dazzling summer display. Examples are Nigella (love in a mist) – both flowers and seedheads are good for cutting; Limnanthes (the poached egg plant), which are excellent for attracting bees; and tropaelum (nasturtium) – both the compact and scrambling varieties are bright and cheerful.


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