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September Lawn Care

Once you have mowed the lawn, it’s a good idea to trim the edges

This makes a huge difference to the overall appearance of your lawn and is very simple to do.

Use a pair of lawn-edging shears to cut away any long grass that is beginning to encroach into the borders.

Ideally, you should do this after every mowing.

What to do if your lawn has become overgrown into the borders?

It may be too difficult to use edging shears if your garden has encroached too much into the borders.

If the edge to your lawn has become really overgrown, use a spade or half-moon edging tool to re-cut the edges of your grass

Permanent lawn edging

If your grass continually grows into the border and constantly looks untidy, you may want to consider using some sort of permanent lawn edging.

This is essential if you want to keep gravel off a lawn and we use a steel product called ‘Everedge’ to give a crisp clear edge between the lawn and gravel.

It is is a great product, especially if you have curved borders. If it’s a straight edge, gravel board is the simplest and most cost-effective option.

For a really lovely finish, you could install a brick edge, but this is more expensive and needs some degree of brick-laying skill.

If you’re after a more hands-on approach, then please contact us. We’re experienced landscapers and garden designers in the UK.

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