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September lawn care tips

Our lawns have been left looking very sad with bald or thinning patches. Before repairing a drought-damaged lawn, consider your garden’s maintenance requirements and any potential water restrictions. Lawns on hills or slopes, especially if facing south, are much more susceptible to drought damage. Going forwards, it might be better to consider an alternative to a lawn by planting drought-tolerant plants such as ground cover thyme. For other ideas on lawn alternatives take a look at the article on our website:

ground cover thyme

If you do decide to repair your lawn, simply loosen the bare soil with a fork and scatter grass seed over the surface. Cover with compost, water in, and the bald patches will green up again before winter sets in. Once the grass has moistened sufficiently after a rainy spell, sprinkle autumn lawn feed or organic fertiliser all over the lawn, following the manufacturer’s instructions. This will toughen up the grass and encourage strong roots, without causing soft growth that needs extra cutting.

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