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April Lawn Care Tips

Now is the time to give your lawn some attention after the winter damage

Here’s some professional lawn care tips and advice from our garden maintenance team and landscape gardeners Oxfordshire. The first thing to do is rake it vigorously with a spring tine lawn rake.

In my opinion, this specialist tool should be in every gardener’s shed. Its long, flexible ‘teeth’ are ideal for removing worm casts, dead leaves and twigs, moss and dead grass which may have accumulated during winter months. It’s quite hard work but well worth the effort.

Leaving winter debris on your lawn will make it difficult for the young grass shoots to emerge.

Once you’ve had your workout with the rake, give the lawn a dressing with a special spring food, available in garden centres now.

In the business we use a mechanical spreader for this task because we’re generally covering large areas, but the quickest and easiest way to do it is to use a feed applied with a watering can.

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the correct dilution and within a few days the lawn will have taken on a lush green appearance. The sound of a whirring lawnmower once signified the start of spring but because of the mild weather we’ve experienced this winter, you may well have started cutting your grass already.

For now, while the grass is young, keep the blades raised quite high. Lower the blades later on this month as the growth quickens. Always try to cut when the grass is reasonably dry.

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