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April Jobs in the Garden: Patio Cleaning

There are no excuses; it’s well and truly time to get busy in the garden

Here at OGD garden design and landscaping, we find April to be the most exciting month of the year in the gardening calendar. Things suddenly begin to look green and vibrant and the warmer days and lighter evenings can gladden the heart of every gardener.

So it’s time to shake off the winter blues and get stuck into the shrubbery.

April is a great time for …

Patio cleaning

Getting the garden ready for summer should include giving attention to the patio. Regular sweeping is key to keeping the patio looking tidy.

Dirt and slime can build up on a patio over time.

Weeds growing between the stones can be removed with a knife, or use a specialist weed killing product to stop them coming back. Using a high-pressure washer is the easiest way of spring-cleaning the patio. There are a plethora of different products to choose from.

If you’re considering buying one, think first about the kinds of tasks you’ll use it for, then make sure the machine you buy has the relevant attachments. Investing in a pressure washer can be a real time saver, making a whole host of garden cleaning jobs faster and easier.

We clean bikes, fences, gutters, decks, even the wheelie bins with ours. Follow the manufacturer’s advice for the best pressure setting and direct the water away from grouted areas on your slabs. The higher the pressure the more the grout is likely to dislodge so a little bit of care is advisable.

If you don’t want to invest in a pressure washer, try a proprietary stone-cleaning product. Once applied, if you’re lucky the dirt may simply rinse off.

Depending on the state of your slabs and the product you use, you might need to employ some firm brushing.

Alternatively, the most economical and environmentally friendly method of cleaning slabs is to use a solution of detergent, warm water and some thorough scrubbing. But please be warned, this is not a task to be carried out when you’re exhausted – you will need to be up for a good workout before you start.

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