Front garden with character

Garden project: regaining control

Dealing with several issues facing this Burford property.
The front garden of this fine Cotswolds property in Burford had become very overgrown and out of keeping with the external appearance of the house. ‘Gloomy’ described it well. Privacy was an issue as the house is on a main road. Traffic noise was another problem. The existing wall on the boundary was in poor repair and did nothing to reflect the fine quality of the house. We decided that to do justice to the house, a new dry stone wall should be built with larger gates for vehicle and pedestrian access.

Formal, low maintenance design

We felt that the front garden of this fine town house should have a fairly formal, low maintenance design. Nevertheless, as the house is west-facing there was the opportunity to create a seating area to catch the last of the evening sun. Scented planting was incorporated into the design, especially in the seating area. 

Garden with character & history

The fine beech tree was retained and the dry stone wall skilfully built around it. The wall had to be in character with the property, almost as if it had been there forever. Throughout the design and build we were mindful that although we had practicalities to overcome, we were working in a garden of character and history.

Garden before


Garden after


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