Cotswold garden redesign

Garden project: the reality of changing needs

The benefit of bringing in a fresh pair of professional eyes when you want to reassess your options.
Time and the seasons go by and the use of a family garden changes as the children leave home for university, bounce back briefly, and then finally depart for good. So, the trampoline and football net is sadly dismantled and it's time for the grownups to take control back of the garden once again. In this case, the owners had an old stable block that had been used for years as storage for old family memorabilia, childhood bikes, dysfunctional mowers, ancient barbecues and other bric a brac. Sometimes it's good to take stock and assess the reality of the situation.

Realising the potential

It's really difficult to actually see the potential of a space when you've lived with it for a long time and that's where having a second pair of professional eyes to look at the garden and see its potential really helps. When you are looking at the potential for your garden, consider just exactly how you are going to use the space. Think about pathways, where you are going to sit to make the best use of the last rays of sunshine in the evening and whether you will require lighting. It's best to make all these decisions prior to taking any drastic action - it's all about planning!
We all decided that the stable block was detracting from the lovely views of the garden and that although it was useful storage space, it had to go. Once we'd demolished the outbuildings (including an asbestos roof) we set about completely transforming the space into a garden to be enjoyed all year round.

Garden before


Garden after


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