Charming cottage garden

Garden project: beautiful rural landscape

The owners wanted more of an English countryside feel.
This charming cottage is set in a half-acre plot with a beautiful rural landscape. The cottage is a listed thatched building, and is a dream of a building. The owners have lived in it for five years and although previous owners looked after garden, they felt it did not compliment the cottage. They wanted a much more ‘English Countryside’ feel and wanted to attract wildlife, in particular birds, into the garden.

Garden re-design

There were several factors to consider in re-designing the garden. The garden is very exposed and windy so fencing only lasted for one winter. So we needed to consider a more permanent barrier such as a wall. In addition they wanted a traditional glass house and a garden building from which to enjoy the wonderful views of the beautiful Downs in South East England. The owners chose Oxford Garden Design to completely transform their garden because we offer a full service, from design through to installation of ponds, plants and even lighting. They didn't want to spend time dealing with lots of different contractors. Throughout the design and build we were mindful that although we had practicalities to overcome, we were working in a garden of character and history.
There was an existing pond which required total renovation and the owners wanted a bigger pond with a water feature, but not one that dominated the garden. The surrounding flower beds also needed to be dug up and changed with more appropriate planting. There was also an old collapsing fruit bush/vegetable patch that needed renovating and additional vegetable beds. The owners wanted advice on trees to plant to create a shaded area and grow wild flowers beneath.

Garden before


Garden after


Project images