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Things to Keep You Busy in the July Garden

The work you did earlier on in the year will be paying dividends in the beds, borders and vegetables of the July garden. As always, there is always plenty of work to be done, but make the most of the long summer evenings, relax and enjoy the evenings in the garden.

At this time of year, work in the garden can be done at a slower pace and if the weather is hot you will probably need to water some of your plants, particularly trees and shrubs that were planted last autumn and winter. The best time of day to water is in the evening or early morning. Really soak the ground so that the water gets into the roots of your plant; a good soaking two or three times a week is much more beneficial than a little sprinkling every day.

watering the garden

You need to take particular care of plants in pots and hanging baskets. Baskets in particular may need watering twice a day and fed with a suitable plant food once every two weeks. If you’re going on holiday this month, please take precautions so that your garden isn’t a complete wilderness when you return. Ensure your garden is weeded well before your departure and make friends with your neighbour for help with watering! And make sure the birds have enough water during spells of dry weather, too!

bird bath

With warm weather, pests and diseases can rapidly become a problem. There are various sprays available from garden centres to deal with infestations, but the best way is to build up biodiversity in the garden by planting a variety of species. This way you will attract beneficial insects and other wildlife, the aim being to have a healthy balance between your friends and foes. It takes effort and motivation to create a truly sustainable garden but in the long term it’s possible to achieve a healthier garden. If you’re interested in having a more sustainable garden, I’ve created a top ten tips to give you some ideas. Small things really can make a big difference!


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