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Things to Keep You Busy in the April Garden

The days are warming up, but nights can still be cold so be aware of sharp frosts. It’s tempting to put out tender young plants but be careful: don’t buy bedding plants until next month, unless you have a greenhouse.

If your borders have ‘bare patches’, now is a good time to sow hardy annuals outdoors. Good example are love-in-a-mist, nasturtium sunflowerscalendulapoppylove-in-a-mist, larkspur, poached egg flowerslavateraalyssumcornflower, night scented stock, and climbers like nasturtium and scented sweet pea. There are lots to choose from and it’s a simple job of sowing them straight into the ground. Make sure the soil is well prepared and weed free and sprinkle them where you wish. The only thing you need to do is make sure that they are well-watered and kept weed free. If you’re not sure which are weeds, a good rule of thumb is the weeds are usually the seedlings that are growing quickest!

Set aside a day to go over the borders, doing those small jobs that make all the difference to the garden’s appearance. Lightly fork over the soil, pulling out any weeds. It’s best to do it this time of the year before they get too big and established.

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