Natural sloping garden

Garden project: design relating to the landscape

Whatever space we have in our garden, every inch can be used as a frame for our house and for all year enjoyment, in whatever way that might be!
One design principle we always adhere to is that the garden should relate to the wider landscape. The transition from designed to natural surrounds is essential for a garden to ‘sit right’ and feel harmonious. The owners of this newly built property had just purchased an adjoining, large field extending to the rear which they wanted to design as part of the overall garden.

Flowing seamlessly

For a design to really work, each part should flow seamlessly into the next, with paths and focal points to encourage you into the next area. This principle holds true not matter what size the garden. A simple walkway, scented hedge, path or piece of sculpture can entice you through and take you on a journey of discovery. A garden that is on a slope presents an opportunity to create new terraces, steps, and hidden seating areas as part of the transition. Garden steps and walls, although practical, can be interesting in their own right.

Garden before


Garden after

Different planting schemes can change the character of a garden dramatically. In a well-designed garden there should always be something of interest to see, whatever the time of year. Plants can be used to make a statement, to be seen and noticed or, as in this case, as a gravel garden, using common herbs to frame the rather grand greenhouse.

Project images

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