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Sheena’s Plant of the Month: Prunus Sargentii

This is one of the most beautiful cherries with rosy-pink flowers.  The autumn colour is bright and usually scarlet or crimson and is often one of the first trees to colour up sometimes as early as September.

In ideal conditions it will grow up to 10 metres tall (30ft.) All ornamental cherries grow best in full sun on moist fertile deep loamy soils and will grow well in most garden positions.  Poor soils should have organic matter added to the backfill during planting. They do not like waterlogged or permanently wet ground. Prunis Sargentii was found in the area around Mount Fuji in Japan and  introduced to Europe around 1890 from Japan by Charles Sargent, hence the name. If you only have space for one tree in your garden, this is a good choice.

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