New build gardens


Designing a new build garden

New build gardens present a challenge to even the keenest of gardeners. You may find the garden is a big square of mud, or you may have been left with a lawn, but nothing else. For some people the idea of planning a new build garden is exciting. All that space to do whatever you want with! But for other people the challenge of a blank canvas can be overwhelming. We work with our clients to plan the garden of their dreams, whatever space you are working with. 

Top tips for a new build garden

Take a look at our Top Tips for new build gardens to give you some useful ideas.
Planning is key here. If you just start digging and planting without a firm plan in mind, your garden will end up looking just that – unplanned. Be nosey – have a look at what your neighbours have done, because this will give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t work. You can also get ideas from sites like Pinterest. However, it helps to have the basics in mind before you get carried away with designs that might ultimately prove to be impractical. Before you put a spade in the soil, there are several things to consider so you can plan a garden that will look wonderful and deliver what you need.