Rural wildlife garden

Garden project: attracting wildlife

Four acre plot in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.
This garden is set in the beautiful south Oxfordshire countryside. When the owner moved in it had a rather overgrown woodland area and pond – very peaceful and rural in character. Initially, the client required us to introduce some structure and formality. Although a keen plantsman, he required some ideas on the layout of the plot, which was about four acres in total. A garden design was required to bring all the elements together in a cohesive way, above all the owner was keen to attract wildlife into the garden to create biodiversity.

Working with nature

For a design to really work, each part should flow seamlessly into the next, with paths and focal points to encourage you into the next area. This principle holds true no matter what size the garden. A simple walkway, scented hedge, path or piece of sculpture can entice you through and take you on a journey of discovery. If the balance of plants is right, there should be no need to introduce chemicals into the garden maintenance regime, which is exactly what the owner of this garden intended.
The majority of the work that we carried out was in winter months and awful weather. It was hard to imagine that by the summer, what was once a muddy field would be transformed into a beautiful garden, humming with the sound of bees from the hive!

Garden before


Garden after


Project images