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The Importance of Lighting in a Garden Design

Outdoor lighting will maximise the use and pleasure that you get from your landscaped garden.

It will enable you to eat, read, or simply potter about your garden on spring and autumn evenings and if viewed from the inside, enjoy a night-time view of it all year round.

Even on those long summer evenings, subtle lighting enhances the atmosphere and enables you to use the outdoor space for maximum time.

Use Garden Lighting for Dramatic Impact.

Subtle outdoor lights extend the feeling of space in addition as being practical.

Adding outdoor lighting along paths and walkways can help to define the edges of a path and also illuminate any flowers that are planted next to them.

The key thing to remember is that a little goes a long way and remember that darkness can also be used to good effect to conceal any less attractive areas!

Decide on the areas you do want to light and focus on those.

“The OGD team were simply great. The whole project experience felt like a real partnership. It is always more significant to judge how a team deals with difficulties than when things are going smoothly. There were some aspects of the project that weren’t successful first time but OGD were keen to ensure these aspects were corrected to our satisfaction. Communication was generally good during the project and we are extremely satisfied and very pleased with the resulting garden.” –Christina Seymour, Somerton, Near Bicester

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