Front gardens & entrances

Designing front gardens & entrances

For most families the back garden is the place where they spend their time in summer – but it’s actually our front gardens that we see more often, especially in winter. The front garden is also the first thing seen by visitors to your home, and it plays an important part in the image your street portrays. Yet often we don’t spend much time on our front garden, especially if it’s just somewhere to park the car. In fact, according to the Royal Horticultural Society, one in four of us has completely paved over our front garden, which is really bad for the environment. When we do a makeover for a front garden we are often required to make it a practical as well as functional space. This is not always easy but we do have some ideas.

Top tips for a front garden

First things first. While we would all love to have a beautiful country cottage garden at the front of our house, front gardens often have more practical purposes. It could be the place where you store your wheelie bins, or you may have given over the space to car parking. This doesn’t mean you can’t have an attractive garden though. We have designed and built many front gardens that not only look pretty but are pretty functional as well! 

Wheelie bins rarely create a good impression but depending on the layout of your front garden, you may be able to hide them, perhaps behind bamboo screening or with tall grasses – which of course will become a feature of the garden. You can even build ‘houses’ for your bins with old pallets and then use the tops of these for container gardening.  We use wooden wheelie bin covers, that can be bought online, in many of the front gardens that we build.