Secluded front garden

Garden project: creating a new entrance

Converting parking into a secluded walled garden.
Once our clients had got planning permission, to open up the back of their house with a series of French windows and a garden room, they wanted to change the use of the entrance by turning the car parking area to a secluded, walled garden creating a completely new entrance. Our clients had been living in the house in Old Marsden, Oxford, for over 25 years and decided that having building work done was an opportunity to completely transform the entrance to their garden into a private courtyard space.

Mix of formal & informal

With a clear brief, Emma got to work on the design, which is a lovely mix of formal and informal. A circular seating area was designed in the sunniest part of the garden, where the old garage was. Paths were created so the visitor can take a walk around the garden to view it at leisure and enjoy the scent of the aromatic planting.

Garden before


Garden after

The garage had previously provided some screening so one of the first issues was to include some screening trees into the new design. Our clients enjoyed the sound of water and so a water feature was a 'must.' It became the focal point for the new design. A new smart summer house was incorporated into the design - a lovely place to sit and enjoy the last rays of the evening sun. It’s quite a transformation! The car park has become a secluded, gorgeous walled garden to admire, whatever the time of year.

Project images