Front garden driveway

Garden project: with restricted space

This project had very specific requirements but we like a challenge!
The owners of this parking space wanted to have a garden to complement their property. There were a number of constraints; lack of space; shared access and very importantly they had to retain the ability to park a car there in the future, should the need arise. They had very specific requirements and a finite budget to work with.

Inspired design

Given the restrictions, Karen produced an inspired design, which gave privacy whilst still allowing access for a car, should the need arise. To keep the garden really low maintenance, artificial turf was used with sandstone steps to break the area up. A walled water feature was incorporated into the design, to create the sound of water in the seating area.

A trellis was used to give a feeling of seclusion to the area, quite a contrast to the previous open space. Lighting was another important element of this garden design and to see the garden transformed at night is magical!

Garden before


Garden after


Project images