Medieval garden design

Garden project: 15th Century barn conversion

A Medieval garden was suggested to create something special.
After our first consultation with the owners of this 15th century barn conversion, we knew we had to create somewhere really special and the idea of a medieval garden was suggested. Traditionally, medieval gardens were used to grow food and important medicinal herbs - boxed off by neat hedges or fencing.

A design related to features of the house

The plan involved gorgeous round brick-pathways, bordered garden beds, trees and an archway. The inspiration for the brick pathway came from the arches above the windows of the house. We used reclaimed brick for the pathways to give a traditional feel to the garden and link it to the house.

Using medicinal herb planting

Pleached Hornbeam, were used to create an intimate seating area and create a screen. They are very tolerant of pruning, which makes them ideal for this purpose. Boasting a traditional ‘herb wheel’ we planted lovage, winter savoury and marsh-mallow, in keeping with tradition by using medicinal herbs.

Garden before


Garden after


Project images